Posted by: Ian | February 14, 2013

Embargoes in real metadata, take 2

Following on from the earlier discussion, we have ruled out the first option (where we add an attribute to METS):

<div ID="sword-mets-div-2" oarj_embargo="2013-05-29">
      <fptr FILEID="eprint-191-document-581-0"/>

as the METS Schema doesn’t allow additional attributes to be added (and the investigation into writing validating schema with additional attributes was fun in its own right) – so this leaves us with the XMLdata within the amdSec solution.

To recap, the amdSec will read something like:

<amdSec ID="sword-mets-adm-1" LABEL="administrative" TYPE="LOGICAL">
  <rightsMD ID="sword-mets-amdRights-1">
        <epdcx:descriptionSet xmlns:epdcx=""
          <epdcx:description epdcx:resourceId="sword-mets-div-3" 
            <epdcx:statement epdcx:propertyURI=""
              <epdcx:valueString epdcx:sesURI="">2013-05-29</epdcx:valueString>
          <epdcx:description epdcx:resourceId="sword-mets-div-2"
            <epdcx:statement epdcx:propertyURI=""
              <epdcx:valueString epdcx:sesURI="">2013-05-29</epdcx:valueString>

One of the questions I have been asked a few times is “why don’t you put the actual file URL with the embargo date”, and I refer you to the explanation in the original article:

  • A document may actually be composed of multiple files (consider a web page – the .html file is the primary file, however there are additional image files, stylesheet files, and possibly various other files that combine to present the whole document)

In other words, whilst 99% of cases will be a single file for a single document, it’s not always that simple and I don’t believe the metadata should lead you into a false understanding of what is, so things don’t break when it goes wrong,

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