Posted by: Ian | April 20, 2011

Tricks and Tips with the Broker

Let’s say you are a publisher, or someone who is going to use the Broker to distribute articles you have to the various authors’ repositories (and before you scoff, there are a number of good reasons why a publisher would want to do this, not least of which include “being the good guy” and that old butt-protection one of “ensuring that the right version gets put in the repository”, the version you want to be there.)

Anyway, depositing via the Broker… and you’d quite like to know where your deposits are being transferred to.  Not a problem…. if you deposit via SWORD!

When you make a sword deposit, you get back a URL for the item (such as – from this we can track the record:

will return an XML report on record 1234.

This will include a set of elements:


This tells you a number of things:

  • orgid and orgname are the organisation we have identified as being one we want to send data to
  • repoid and reponame are the repository (for the organisation) that we want to send the data to
  • sword indicates we have SWORD credentials to be able to transfer to this repository
  • sent is the date we (successfully) transferred the item to the repository
  • return is the url we were given as the location for the item in the target repository
  • live is the date we found the item when we went looking for it
  • target is the URL we found it at

…. Oh, and

gives you the same thing, in JSON format.


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