Posted by: Ian | March 16, 2011

OA-RJ Discovery dataset as Linked Data

I have been converting (or is that exporting?) the dataset we have built for the OARJ “Discovery” tool into a Link Data set.

It has been an…. “interesting” learning curve, and done as part of a “sprint” (a short intense block of attention). The phrase “don’t run before you can walk” springs to mind….

The basic structure of the linked data is fairly clearly defined by the database that contains the information, and resolves to the following map:

OARJ Class diagram

This has allowed me to build an rdf datafile and a matching turtle file.

I have no illusion that three weeks makes me an expert – I have cobbled together enough to make this dataset – so any advice on property name-spaces, breaking things down into more IRI-references, or any other improvements will all be appreciated.

Also note that this is a snapshot of the database, and not intended as a replacement for any of the APIs we currently have, however the plan is to update this file on a regular basis, as we will be updating the core database regularly too….

For a more detailed report on the “how” of the data-creation, read the post I wrote on the Link Data Blog at EDINA.

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