Posted by: Ian | February 25, 2011

Proof of concept Demonstrator

Theo and I are preparing for the Deposit Programme Meeting with JISC at the beginning of March, and I thought it would be good to show what our demonstrator actually does.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t seem to like animated GIFs (whever not? :chuckle: ) so look at it here:

The frames show the following:

  1. Latest record in the Broker is 02/02/2011
  2. Do a command-line import of a record (a hand-crafted demonstrator record)
  3. Record appears in the Broker
  4. The Broker has identified organisations for Creators, some of which are known to OA-RJ
  5. We manually export the record using the “OA-RJ Sword Depositor” exporter
  6. We get responses back from each of the repositories contact (ERA-test accepts the deposit, others do not)
  7. We can also see that the record was transferred to

(No, it’s not real-time…. the process takes more time in the demonstrator)

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