Posted by: Ian | August 17, 2010

Writing a Pecha Kucha presentation

I’m putting together a Pecha Kucha talk on OARJ  (you know: 20 slides, each one displayed for 20 seconds) for Repository Fringe 2010, man… is it hard work!

I’ve got the “story” worked out, so I know what I want to be covering when, and therefore what concepts I want to have displayed on the screen at each point.

Some are easy: “Science is a communal activity” is a picture of a bunch of people in a lab, but some are dang hard: “Multiple Deposit” (or “multiple copies”, or “distribute”/”distribution”)….. but I just can’t find the right picture yet.

Still, I’m over half way, I’ve got 15 of the slides sorted (some of which just need a “cleaner” version of the image)….


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