Posted by: Ian | May 28, 2010

SWORD endpoints, take two

I’ve refined my brute-force method of hunting for SWORD end-points.

I’ve discovered that quite a few repositories capture the “404 – page not found” response, and return their own page, with a 200 status message. My new rational is that when a page is requested, the servicedocument will return with a “401 – Authorisation required” response.

Using this rational, I have refined my scan of SWORD endpoints to:

  • A total of 2221 repositories known to OA-RJ
  • 86 Repositories responded to a DSpace ServiceDocument,
  • 92 Repositories responded to an EPrints ServiceDocument,


  • 1707 Repositories responded, but admitted to no SWORD endpoints, and
  • 336 Repository URLs didn’t respond at all!

The OA-RJ APIs now list these SWORD end-points



  1. Hi Ian, I wonder whether the search strategy for Sword endpoints might also be tested & refined by attacking an array of Sword-compliant mixture of DSpace/ePrints repo addresses which do not appear on your present list. I’m sure you do have a good number of such addresses for UK-based repos, maybe some extra international ones could be supplied by Sonex.

  2. Pablo, I’d be very interested in what SWORD endpoints you’ve found, however I can assure people that OA-RJ is taking the international view with the data for the Junction

    Currently, I’m working with a relatively simple construct: assume that $url is the base web address for the repository (as defined in ROAR/OpenDOAR), then I prod:


    …. until I get a ‘401’ (requires authorisation) response.

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