Posted by: Ian | May 28, 2010

Repository Junction API

The final API for the Junction part of OA-RJ is here…. the one that queries by location.

This is the API that enables clients to find possible target repositories for their users. At present, it is very simple…. and just lists repositories for organisations – there is no clever data-mining available yet.

The api for this service is:


The parameters for this service are:

  • ip= : Define a specific IP number to base the query on
  • ip=1.2.3/45 : Define a network range (in CIDR notation) to repositories
  • org=code : Find the repositories associated with a particular organisation
  • type=code : Restrict the list of repositories to a particular type [Institutional, Subject, Thesis, Learning, etc]
  • content=code : Restrict the list of repositories that import particular content types [pre-prints, post-prints, learning objects, data-sets, etc]

If nether an IP number or an organisation are specified, then the api will deduce the IP number of the client, and use that (this is probably the default option most people want). All fields can be specified multiple times, and the repositories will only need to match one of the set listed. Specifying both an IP number and an organisation can lead to ZERO results, and the repositories would need to both

To find the codes for organisations, repository types, or content types, look at the APIs mentioned in the More APIs available post.

Note: we’re still discussing whether the API should always append a reference for OpenDepot (or, indeed, any equivalents in other countries), or if this should be left to the clients to decide.


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