Posted by: Ian | May 26, 2010

Repository Junction List APIs

Following on from the Repository Junction APIs post, here are another set of (beta) APIs for people to play with – one that lists data by certain types:

By default, this lists all organisations, and the repositories associated with them.

There are six variations on the call:

  1. cgi/list/type
  2. cgi/list/content
  3. cgi/list/country
  4. cgi/list/language
  5. cgi/list/org
  6. cgi/list/net

All list the item given, and the repositories linked to that data item.

The only exception is cgi/list/net – which lists the organisations associated with the network

The script will return data in a variety of formats, using the same definitions as the general api (see the “format” section of the API documentation)

The script also has a “full” parameter – if set true, the script will return a set of all repositories related to each of the list items.

This is an extract of the “country” listing:

    <name>Servicio de Difusión de la Creación Intelectual</name>
    <name>Scientific Electronic Library Online - Argentina</name>
    <name>Repositorio Hipermedial de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario</name>
    <name>Memoria Académica</name>
    <name>Biblioteca Digital por la Identidad</name>
    <name>Biblioteca Digital UNCuyo</name>


  1. […] the codes for organisations, repository types, or content types, look at the APIs mentioned in the More APIs available […]

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