Posted by: Ian | April 1, 2010

What’s in a name?

Open Access Repository Junction is a project in two parts:

The first part is the identification, or “Discovery”, part – where the system identifies where a client is from, and where items should be deposited into (based on location, metadata-extraction, and external authoritative sources). All it does is return a list of possible targets to the client, and leaves the deposit process to the client. This is known as the Junction, or Repository Junction.

The second part is a deposit broker: this takes a depositable item, possibly uses the Junction to determine the repositories to deposit into, and does the deposit for you. The Dark Eprint Archive will be Temporarily Holding and then Securely Transmitting Articles to Repositories.

The meeting on the 8th of April will be discussing details around this area, and we will post a separate article covering the areas we want to cover.


  1. And you’ll need a name for the webapp that sits over the DEATHSTAR that breaks through the ‘defences’ to gain access to certain works.

    Let me be the first to propose:

    “eXternal Works: an Institutionally Navigable Gateway” aka XW:ING

  2. Does the Junction Enable Discovery Information (JEDI)?

  3. From “an outside agency”:

    “Persistent Access to the Depot Under All Networks”

  4. Another interesting suggestion for a convergent project:

    Simple Transfer (of) Articles (to) Repositories (to) Further Invigorate Growth (by) Harvesting Those Existing Repositories

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