Posted by: Ian | March 1, 2010

What to do when there’s no ToDo?

What to do when you don’t get a hit?

Let us assume that a client makes a request to the Junction, and there are no matches…. what do we do?

Do we return nothing?

Do we return an empty “matches” set, but append a “nearly” set too?

  • You asked for repositories of type foo, here are all the repositories, irrespective of type
  • You asked for repositories that accept content blah, here are all the repositories irrespective of the content type they accept
  • Here are all the repositories in a [1,2,5,10,20] kilometre radius that match the type and content restrictions you specified

Do we do this “nearly” set for all queries, anyway? send back a “matches” set and a “nearly” set, with a definition of what criteria they match/don’t match…. and how to frame that contextural information in a structured way, given the possible permutations.

It needs a ponder…. and probably a good old chin-wag

Interesting question number two…

Is there a practical reason for “Jo Bloggs manages your repository, (s)he also manages these others too”

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