Posted by: Ian | October 23, 2009

A common repositories database?

One of the core requirements of OA-RJ is to be able to deliver information on repositores relevant to a specific (geographic or disciplinary) area.

As we know, OpenDOAR has decriptions of repositories, and ROAR has usage stats and OAI (and soon, SWORD) endpoints. Logically, a “desktop” client looking for information in a repository would want information from both…. so OA-RJ needs to provide information from both.

My initial plan was to harvest OpenDOAR and ROAR, then merge the two based on the URL of the repository (after all, that’s a known, defined, thing – right?) After than, I then harvest network records based in the institutional web site (to avoid any issues with repositories hosted externally).

So, how successful is this?

OpenDOAR 1496 repositories harvested
ROAR 1399 repositories harvested
In both OpenDOAR & ROAR 822
In ROAR, but not OpenDOAR 577
In OpenDOAR, but not ROAR 674
Whois 485

And from all this? only 380 usable networks were found – where a network range can be tied to a repository.


Time for a re-think.


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